Top 7 Free AI Art Generator Apps Of 2024

Discovering the best AI art generator app can be an exciting journey in the world of modern art and design. These apps have gained a significant following among fans, critics, and creative individuals alike. As an experienced user of these apps, I regularly rely on them to transform my photos into stunning works of art.

However, determining the ideal AI art generator app can depend on various factors, including personal preferences, desired art styles, and specific tools or effects you’re looking for. Exploring these apps allows you to uncover which one best suits your artistic vision and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting, these apps offer a wealth of creative possibilities to enhance your photos and unleash your artistic expression.

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What Is AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a revolutionary tool that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to transform ordinary images into stunning works of art. Here are some key points to understand about AI art generators:

  • Artistic Transformation: AI art generators employ sophisticated algorithms to analyze and reinterpret input images, resulting in unique and visually captivating artworks.
  • Creative Exploration: These tools offer users the opportunity to experiment with different artistic styles, techniques, and effects, empowering them to unleash their creativity and produce personalized artwork.
  • Accessibility: AI art generators democratize the creative process, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of artistic expertise. Users can easily create captivating artwork without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • Inspiration: For artists and enthusiasts alike, AI art generators serve as a source of inspiration and exploration, sparking new ideas and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Overall, AI art generators represent a groundbreaking fusion of technology and creativity, offering users a novel way to express themselves and engage with the world of art dynamically and innovatively.

Top Best AI Art Generator Free

Determining the best AI art app is subjective, as different apps cater to various preferences and creative styles. However, several AI art generator apps have gained recognition for their unique features and user-friendly interfaces. In this article, I discuss some of the top AI-generator apps in detail, highlighting their purposes and ease of use. Here are the Top

  • Wonder: AI-Generated Art
  • Lensa AI: Images & Photographs Editor
  • Gradient: Image Editing AI
  • Dream By WOMBO: AI Art Tool
  • FaceApp: Face Editor
  • Remini Photo Enhancer
  • DeepArt Effects: AI Art Image Generator
Best Ai Art genertor free

1. Wonder AI Art Generator

AI technology is utilized in AI art-creating and editing apps. On May 30, 2022, Codeway Dijital created the incredible AI (Artificial Intelligence) Art Generator. AI technologies are used in this application to generate an avatar. In a matter of seconds, this application transforms your words into paintings and drawings. This program transforms your words into captivating AI art when we give it our thoughts. Sometimes we have a unique notion that we are unable to articulate. The best thing about this app you can create art with no restrictions. This application requests certain permissions upon download, and once granted, it functions as intended.

Information about Wonder AI art

App TitleWonder: AI-Generated Art
DesignerCodeway Digital
Sort bySnapshots
Size100 MB
Take It OnPlay Store on Google

Features of Wonder AI app

  • Artificial Intelligence Enhancement
  • One-Click Editing
  • Customizable Filters
  • Portrait Retouching
  • Background Removal
  • Celebrity cameos in movies.
  • Setting artwork as the lock screen.
  • Valuable insights, among many others.
best ai art generator android

2. Lensa AI Art Generator

The artificial intelligence (AI) photo-editing app Lensa AI was created by “Prisma Labs” on October 2, 2019. Prisma started the software company, and its headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California. This application has an incredibly user-friendly interface, even those without any editing knowledge may edit their photos like a pro.  It’s a fantastic program with a ton of excellent tools that let the user edit photos to the highest quality. For professional photography, you don’t need a photo lab or any other location because everything you need to produce beautiful, eye-catching photos and artwork is already there.

Information of lensa aI free

Name of AppLensa AI:  Image & Photo Editor
DesignerPrisma  Labs
Sort bySnapshots
Size 57 MB
Get GoingPlay Store on Google

Features of Lensa AI images and photo editor

This application’s features are listed in the section below:

  • It has a backdrop tool that allows you to adjust and modify the background.
  • Additionally, skin editors offer filters for adjusting skin tone.
  • Eye correction features, include removing bags, change the color of your eyes.
  • You also can modify your eyebrows.
  • You can adjust the colors and lighting of the image.
  • Whitening your teeth is possible with just a simple click.
  • Ensure your face is wearing a smile.
  • Apply heat effects to pictures.
  • Utilize various camera filters.
  • Explore various artistic styles.
  • Remove unwanted elements.
Best Image Generator App

3. Gradient AI

“Ticket To The Moon” Inc. developed a photo editing and art-generating application with gradient AI (artificial intelligence) on August 27, 2019. One of the greatest programs for editing photos is this one. With the help of this program, users can alter their photos and get access to a variety of editing tools. This application offers a bundle of helpful functions, including the ability for users to convert their photos into cartoons as desired. Although there aren’t many editing tools available on the roadway, you may download this app for free. On the other hand, if the user purchases a membership, advanced picture editing is possible. 

Information About Gradient AI

App name Gradient: AI Photo Editor
DesignerThe Moon Ticket, lnc
Sort bySnapshots
Size 94 MB
Take It OnGoogle Play Store

Features of Gradient AI

This application’s features are listed in the section below:

  • AI masks and effects.
  • Create cartoon-like AI.
  • Cosmetics tools.
  • Custom-made filters.
  • AI facial mosaic.
  • Recognize similar facial features with stars.
  • AI illustration.
  • Simulate aging effects.
  • Face modification.
  • Background blur.
  • Adjust facial attributes.
  • Hair color modification.
  • Skin tone adjustment.
  • Access preset textures for filters.
Best Art Generator Apps

4. Dream By Wombo

An artificial intelligence (AI) program called Dream By Wombo enables users to produce artwork in various styles. Dream By Wombo was created on October 20, 2021, by the software development business Wombo Studios Inc. It was created for amusement. It uses AI to transform user concepts and artwork into a painting. They are heavily used as a result. Because of its lovely features and intuitive UI, it draws in users. In a matter of seconds, this application converts your words into digital paintings and drawings.

This program transforms our words into captivating AI art when we give it our thoughts. Sometimes we have a unique notion that we are unable to articulate. The greatest feature of this software is that there are no restrictions while making art. Your artwork can be saved and shared with friends and other people.

This program is perfect for those who wish to produce art but lack the necessary tools. Put your thoughts on paper, choose an artistic style, and in a matter of seconds, transform your ideas into a picture. It has all the characteristics you need, so you don’t need any extra art supplies like a pencil, brush, or anything else.

Information about dream aI Art

App NameDream By WOMBO – AI Art Tool
DeveloperWombo Studios Inc
Size44 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play Store

Features Of Dream By Wombo

  • It uses AI (artificial intelligence) to create a lovely space.
  • A prompt feature that lets the user submit suggestions.
  • There are numerous art forms accessible for users to select from.
  • This artwork is shareable and reusable.
Faceapp generator best ai app

5. FaceApp Face Editor

The artificial intelligence (AI) photo-editing app FaceApp was created on February 14, 2017, by “FaceApp Technology Ltd.” With the help of this program, users may edit selfies with a bundle of tools and customize the filters they use. FaceApp has over 100 million downloads and 4.65 million reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars, making it the finest selfie picture editor and beauty camera. FaceApp is the greatest software for creating art from selfies. Users may add funny filters, mustaches, or beards and see how they will appear as children, young adults, or elderly.  Users of this software can modify selfies that they snap. There are more than 60 filters in this program.

Information About faceApp online editor

App NameFaceApp: Face Editor 
DeveloperFaceApp Technology Ltd
Size34 MB
Get it on Google Play Store

Features of faceApp face editor

Here are the main features of FaceApp:

  • Filters – Apply filters
  • Facial Hair – Add facial hair
  • Hairstyle – Change hairstyle
  • Hair Volume – Increase hair volume
  • Makeup – Apply makeup
  • Lighting – Adjust lighting
  • Temperature – Control temperature
  • Color – Modify colors
  • Gender – Swap genders
  • Age – Age adjustment
  • Weight – Adjust weight
  • Celebrity – Morph with celebrities
  • Image Enhancements – Enhance images
  • Skin Smoothing – Smooth skin
  • Face Size – Adjust face size
  • Color Enhancements – Enhance color
Remini Pro, Remini pro mod apk

6. Remini AI – The Best Photo Enhancer

Remini AI is developed by Bending Spoons a software company. On July 21, 2019, it was officially launched. It uses AI technology to upgrade old photos whose quality and color are not good. If you want to know more about How to enhance video with Remini then Visit AI Video Enhancer. Because Remini Pro Mod APK This application is best for video enhancers.

Remini can improve low-quality resolution into a high-quality resolution to improve the image. It can also improve blur, color, sharpness, and focus to enhance the picture. Remini has AI technology (artificial intelligence) machine learning strong algorithms. Remini is a good choice for users’ experiences from poor image quality to high-quality photos. To Download Remini Visit Remini Mod APK. It can be used in a mobile app as well as on iOS and PC versions. It is user-friendly to use and anyone can easily edit and enjoy the premium qualities of photography. Remini enables users to edit and improve the image quality anywhere and any time they want. 

Information of Remini APK

App NameRemini
PublisherBending Spoons
CategoryPhoto Editing
File Size164MBs
Best EmulatorBluestack/ Memu Play
Operating SystemWindows 7/8/10/11 or Mac
Latest Versionv3.7.314.20224

Features of Remini Pro APK

This application’s features are listed in the section below:

  • User Friendly
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Premium cards
  • Uses AI-technology
  • Available for free
  • Advance Technology
  • Clear, Sharper, and Vibrant
  • Enjoy Premium Tools
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7. DeepArt Effects – AI Art Image Generator

With just a few clicks, DeepArt Effects is an amazing program that transforms pictures into stunning artwork using artificial intelligence. Your unique style can be created. DeepArt Effects was created on July 20, 2016, by the software company Deep Art Effects GmbH. The greatest art editor and selfie photo downloader is DeepArt Effects, with over 1 million downloads and 94.2K reviews with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars.

Users may easily utilize this application because of its very simple user interface. It effortlessly transforms your photos into superb artwork using its autonomous algorithm. It also offers a range of artistic styles, permits the rediscovery of artwork and exit effects, and creates new artistic styles based on the photographs you submit. The DeepArt Effects software provides a plethora of tools for image manipulation. It may be downloaded for IOs, Mac, Android, and Windows. Users of this program can send their photos to their family members and friends. 

DeepArt Effect’s Features

This application’s features are listed in the section below:

  • Use AI for Art Creation
  • Quick Image Processing
  • HD Quality (1080p)
  • Over 50 Filters
  • Customize Style Filters
  • No Storage of Artwork
  • Prisma Lenses
  • Encrypted Data Transport
  • European Server for Privacy
  • Account Management
  • Share Art with Friends
  • Exclusive DeepArt Effects
  • Create Custom Filters
  • Full HD Artwork (1920×1080)
  • Remove Watermarks
  • Unique Art Styles
  • 120+ Filters
  • Ad-Free Experience


In 2023, some noteworthy applications emerged in the field of AI art production and editing apps for Android devices. Artful: AI Art Generator & Editor won awards for combining several AI algorithms to produce one-of-a-kind artworks and providing users with a variety of editing capabilities. Wonder AI was still a well-liked option because of its artificial intelligence AI-powered filters, which turned common photographs into creative representations that mimicked the looks of well-known artists. Read Out the Detailed Comparison of the Two Best AI photo enhancers Remini and Photoshop. Also, Read About the best cartoon generator apps.


After 2022, I won’t have access to current information. Several AI art apps that made use of neural filters, style transfer, deep learning algorithms, and community-sharing capabilities were accessible as of my most recent update. I advise looking for updated app reviews and recommendations on art-related forums or the Google Play Store for the most recent and reliable information.

Here is a list of the best AI art generators for Andriod every app has its own functions and features and each app is best on its own.

  1. Wonder — AI Word to Art Generator.
  2. Starryai — AI Text to Art.
  3. YouCam Makeup — AI Aging & Art Filters.
  4. Lensa AI — Avatar Art Generator.
  5. Faceplay — AI Art Generator.
  6. Dawn AI — Photo to Artistic Avatar.
  7. Picsart — Create AI Artistic Photos.
  8. Anime AI — Transform Words into Anime.

Of course! The AI art generator from starryai can produce up to 25 photos per day and is available for free.

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