What is Bending Spoons and Its Relation With Remini?

Bending Spoons was founded in Copenhagen in 2013, with its headquarters in Italy the following year. Its five founders are Italian, four of them As we all know, technology is capable of amazing things, but for it to be valuable and beneficial to humans, it needs some innovative thinkers.

What is bending spoons

It is incredibly famous for its mobile app and now serves half a billion people across the globe. Although they aimed very high they claim that our is started and our journey goals are way too far. It is a company that creates an advanced technology-based application.

I’ll tell you about a business that has defied convention and pushed the envelope in this article. Prepare yourself to be inspired and unleash your creativity. Bending Spoons is the only company with the ability to transform ideas into digital products. This is the place to learn about the inventions and history of the most intriguing and well-known company in the world.

The Origin and Development of Bending Spoons

It is located in Milan, northern Italy, Bending Spoons is a technology business best known for its mobile applications. It was founded in 2013. An agreement was reached in November 2022 to acquire Evernote, a task management and note-taking program created by Evernote Corporation. 

The Italian government selected it in April 2020 to create and develop Immuni, an official COVID-19 contact tracing app that launches on June 1st, 2020. The Ministry of Health’s Special Commissioner oversaw the development of the Immuni app. Bending Spoon is currently among the top tech-leading enterprises in Europe.

Bending Spoons S.p.A

Type Private
FoundedIn 2013 10 years ago in Copenhagen, Denmark
FounderFounder Luca Ferrari, Francesco Patarnello, Matteo Danieli, Luca Querella,
Tomasz Greber
HeadquartersMilan, Italy
Products Splice, Remini, Evernote, 30 Day Fitness

Which AI Used At Bending Spoons?


Minerva is based on AI technology with a machine learning model at its core. It can analytics predictions based on its data. We can achieve automation and optimize our results. Its advanced technology can solve many solutions.

What is The Features Of Bending Spoons AI?

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Photo Enhancement

With a lot of hard work and experience in machine learning and computer vision research, the Blending Spoons app Remini transforms unclear, low-resolution photos into amazing clear sharp, HD images.

Typing Assistance

Words have powers that can give you the potential to achieve your goal. Language is very important in life. So we created our custom keyboard that leverages machine learning fonts to give suggestions and tons of anonymous data to keep up with changes in culture and competition of the world.

Depth Detention

A professional photographer always focuses on the specific object that he wants to appreciate in the picture and background matters a lot. If your background is not good you can easily blur and focus on the desirable object with just a few taps and experience a better vision of the image.

Bending Spoons Well-Known Products

Do you know of a business that has made amazing digital experiences from common concepts and elevated technology to new heights through inventive inventions Here are some of them:

Splice – Video Editor & Maker

The powerful portable editing video app. Splice packs the power of pro-grade video editing software into an app. Splice can create professional editing and you can easily achieve desirable results.

Features Of Splice

  • Automation captions: It can automatically generate captions on your video with just your voice and saves much time.
  • Background removal: It is a very incredible feature it can remove and change your video background and can add a very good HD background which can make your video adorable.
  • Speed Effect: This effect can control the speed of the video and you can easily adjust settings as you want whether you want to slow or fast the speed of the video.

Remini – AI Photo Enhancer

Remini is an AI-powered photo enhancement and restoration application. Its AI technology can even restore your old blurred images into clear visible images. Now your old memories can shine in HD results. If you want to download Remini then check Remini Pro Apk.

Feature Of Remini

  • Blur Removal: Its AI technology can remove faded and blurred images into highly clear photos.
  • Facial Detail Sharpening: Its software is designed in a specific way that it can scan the face area and can easily sharpen your eyes, nose, lips, and overall full face.
  • Super-Resolution: It can also turn your low-quality video into high Video with its AI Video Enhancer. This conversion makes the pixel very sharp and the image looks stunning.

30 days fitness

it is an application that can be your personal fitness trainer all the plans and exercises are verified by a professional trainer. It is based on a weekly schedule and does not require any gym.

Features of 30 days of fitness

Customized plan: It is based on a weekly customized plan from Monday to all the way Sunday. It tells you day-wise that today is your training and also shows the set accuracy and by following these steps after some specific time you realize the difference.

Curated workout

In the curated workout the exercise included the following:

  1. Mountain climber
  2. Snake stretch
  3. Evaluated pushups
  4. Jumping leg tucks
  5. Prisoner squats
  6. Plank jack

It also shows how to do these exercises and how many reps are in a set. This includes absolute fitness and good health in your body.

Music library integration

Music is very important during workouts so this application includes a music library where it has a number of collections of music related to all categories.

Features Of Music Library Integration

  • Albums: It includes a wide range of albums and almost all categories of music you can easily play it within the app and enjoy a good experience.
  • Cost: This application is free to use and it has amazing reviews.
  • Player: The player is already installed in the application you just need to click and the song will play.


Bending Spoons applications are amazing we highly recommend you use them at least once and share them with your friends and family they have very good reviews. Bending Spoons creates the application that every individual needs and works and researches diligently. Remini Ai is one of them because it is an amazing photography app check out the Best AI editing Apps and find out in which number Remini stands. After a lot of struggle, the application simplifies your life.


Yes, Remini was developed by a software company named Bending Spoons. It works on AI technology Minerva.

Yes, Bending Spoons is a software company that created many popular apps like Splice, 30 Days Fitness, etc.

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